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What to Do When Your Child
Won't Do Homework

As a parent, you’re bound to run into the issue of your kid not wanting to do their homework. It’s frustrating for both you and your child. Banish your homework woes with these tried-and-true tips!

First, Figure Out Why Your Kid Won’t Do Homework.

There’s always a reason why your kid hasn’t finished their homework. Did they simply forget? Do they want to do something else instead? Do they not understand the work? Or, do they not know where math’s “x” went and “y” it left? Joking aside, the reasons can range from simple to complex. Talk it through and figure out what’s stopping them from getting the assignment done. From there, you can look into ways of aiding your child further.

If your child is procrastinating because they don’t understand their assignment, help them break it down or get additional help from a tutor. Working one-on-one with an adult can be very helpful for your child’s understanding of the subject.

Make Homework A Game

If your child is just not interested in the work at hand, do your best to make it more interesting! Turn the homework into a fun game. One way is to create flashcards, quizzes with fun rewards, or even a song if it’s something to do with memorization.

Another option is to offer rewards for getting things done. You can offer smaller rewards for reaching a designated amount of points, and a big reward once they have accomplished a larger goal (such as a good test score or the end of a quarter).

Create a Routine

Creating a homework routine can wipe out the homework problem early on. Dedicate a certain time of night to homework time. This starts a habit with your kids, and once they get homework time into their nightly routine, they’ll begin to understand that nothing else gets to happen during that time, only homework. This will make it much easier to convince them to get their homework done, even if they don’t want to do it.

Creating a to-do list each night is also helpful. Put this up on the fridge so that each of your kids knows what they need to get done before homework time is officially over. It makes things visual, and a lot easier to get through.

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Homework Is Necessary, But Not Always Easy

Homework time isn’t going to be smooth sailing every time, even with an established routine. Kids just don’t always want to do homework. Give them (and you!) a break from time to time when they’re doing their work. And honestly, just get it done. Their work isn’t always going to be perfect, and it’s not always your child’s cup of tea. As long as they have plenty of support, they will be much more likely to succeed!

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