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We work 1-2 weeks ahead of your child’s classroom material, regular classes at school start to feel like rewatching a movie.

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We aim to try to produce results as fast as possible while ensuring we are not skipping steps.


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Math Tutor
Five Star Review

Holds a Bachelor's in Medical Physics.

I find joy in guiding a struggling student to reach their full potential.

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Five Star Review

Holds a Bachelor's of Education.

I've been teaching for 13 years and have loved every second of it!

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Writing Tutor
Five Star Review

Majoring in English Literature.

I like to build habits in my students, ensuring they stay on top of their work!

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Advanced e-learning with lesson space

Our online whiteboard provides the closest experience there is to an in-person tutoring lesson.

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Every Subject | Grade 1 - 12



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JK - Grade 3

Elementary School

$30 /hour

Learn to read program

Fundamentals of mathematics

Fundamentals of writing

Intro to Spanish & French

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Grade 4 - 8

Middle School

$30 /hour

Grammar, vocabulary, syntax

Accelerated mathematics

Introduction to essay writing

Advanced languages

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Grade 9 - 12

High School

$40 /hour

Advanced essay writing

Advanced mathematics

Chemistry, physics, biology

Fluency in language

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