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Why no fuss tutors is your best choice for a reading tutor

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Research-Based Program

Our program is a step-by-step process that has been proven to build reading skills by building on top of the last skill learned.

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Daily Exercise

Reading requires lots of practice. We provide your child with daily exercises to work on outside of our tutoring sessions.

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Reading requires lots of practice. We provide your child with daily exercises to work on outside of our tutoring sessions.

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Fast Results

Your child is behind their class. This is not fun for anyone. We aim to try to produce results as fast as possible while ensuring we are not skipping steps.

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We understand your struggles

Your child deserves to be reading at the same level as their peers which is why we are committed to your child’s success. We will always do our best to ensure your child achieves their goals.

Our Guided Reading Method

With guided reading, we teach students at their instructional reading level which is one level above what they are able to read on their own. Below you will find the level that corresponds to the students grade:

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Levels A through D

Foundational Levels

Levels A & B

Brand new readers and the text recommended is very repetitive with simple, large font and includes pictures.

Level C

Very similar to Level B but with more text per page.

Level D

Includes more sight words and high frequency words that appear in the text.

Levels E through P

They will be exposed to more lines of text per page and will have to use what they know about both words and the pictures to navigate the story.

Levels J through L

Consist of chapter books which a student will most likely not be able to finish in one sitting.

Levels M through P

Will have longer chapters and fewer pictures.

English skills are not limited to English classes

Developing strong reading and writing skills has a number of benefits

Improvement in all coursework, not just language arts

Preparation for standardized testing (SAT and ACT)

Providing a path to more career opportunities

Critical thinking and comprehension skills

Let Us Help

You and your child deserve the best

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Building self-confidence is a crucial part of our reading program.

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Parents and students love the flexibility of our program. Pick the perfect day and time for you.

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We understand what it's like to be behind in reading and so do our tutors.

No Fuss Tutors goes above and beyond to ensure their learners succeed. Very impressed with their professionalism, quality of tutors, and online tutoring platform!! Thanks to the whole team for making learning affordable and enjoyable. Highly recommend trying them out!

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Math Tutor
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Holds a Bachelor's in Medical Physics.

I find joy in guiding a struggling student to reach their full potential.

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Holds a Bachelor's of Education.

I've been teaching for 13 years and have loved every second of it!

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Majoring in English Literature.

I like to build habits in my students, ensuring they stay on top of their work!

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