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Getting a perfect score on the SAT/ACT sounds like an inconceivable task. Less than 1% of people achieve it. If you are able to achieve this feat, or come close to it, your chances of being admitted to top universities skyrockets and can even make up for a weaker GPA.

SAT Overview

There are two sections:

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • Math (no-calculator and calculator-based portions)

Each section is scored from 200 to 800. The total score is a sum of the section scores, and ranges from 400 to 1600. Because the highest score that anyone can get is a 1600, this is a perfect score.

ACT Overview

The ACT contains multiple-choice tests in four sections:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science

ACT's writing test is optional and will not affect your composite score.

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The road to the perfect score

The tried and true steps to getting a great SAT/ACT test score with No Fuss Tutors

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Why choose 1 on 1 tutoring over a test prep class?

The Problem

Classes give the same lectures and questions to every student, making their teaching very ineffective. Some lessons will be too easy, while others will be too hard. Students waste time relearning content they already know and don’t spend enough time on the topics they actually need to work on.

The Solution

Individualized teaching with custom lessons for you. Ideally with No Fuss Tutors! (But we’re biased)

No Fuss Tutors goes above and beyond to ensure their learners succeed. Very impressed with their professionalism, quality of tutors, and online tutoring platform!! Thanks to the whole team for making learning affordable and enjoyable. Highly recommend trying them out!

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